No'oum Nasyeen

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The album - released on December 7th -  marks the culmination of five years of hard-work (and a fair share of fun) by the band. Its music falls nicely into El Hawary’s style of alternative Egyptian folk with Mediterranean influences. It also features Youssra’s first collaboration with producer and mixer Adham Zeidan whose input into the project wasn’t only through his ideas and talent which added a lot to the arrangements of the band. The passion Zeidan showed for the work drove him to accumulate a deeper understanding of the music to help develop it without compromising its soul and essence, thereby producing it in the best form possible.

Another characteristic of this project is the collaborative spirit which drove its progress from the very beginning, starting with the inspired group of musicians that make up the band. Their passion and ambition as they worked together with Youssra for years allowed for their music to evolve, as they came to develop a deeper understanding of their own instruments and so create a collective sound for the band as a whole.

A further aspect of this collaborative spirit is the fact that a large part of the production expenses of this album came through contributions by friends and fans to a crowdfunding campaign launched specifically for this purpose. This makes No’oum Nasyeen the first album to be funded by the Egyptian audience after several similar successful projects in other regions of the Arab world. The choice to produce the album through crowdfunding allowed us to ensure our independence and left no room for musical compromises set by the market and production companies.  
Last but not least, it would not have been possible for us to produce this album had it not been for the support of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC).

**download "Sallem 'Aal Beit" music score here

No'oum Nasyeen