13 Apr

Last Saturday marked the end of our online crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Together - with you - we achieved 51% of the funds we need to make the album. Sales for our offline campaign is about €1200 till today.  We are truly happy to have gone through this experience, and feel very touched by all the help, support, and enthusiasm we've received from all of you. Our thanks are endless to everyone who contributed to our campaign, to everyone who shared our posts, and to every journalist who helped in spreading the word about our project.  We really hope that our experience will help to present a new method of Music Production in Egypt. A method based on community support and audience involvement in producing the music they love.  Right now - and because of every contribution from you- we are able to record, mix and print the album soon. We will keep trying to find other ways to complete the funding and make the album with the standards that we've been wishing for all along.  Thank you again and again. We will work hard to create an album that we can all be proud of at the end.

You are making a change!

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