As you hear it in the album! a rich and full sound

Another characteristic of this project is the collaborative spirit which drove its progress from the very beginning, starting with the inspired group of musicians that make up the band. Their passion and ambition as they worked together with Youssra for years allowed for their music to evolve, as they came to develop a deeper understanding of their own instruments and so create a collective sound for the band as a whole.

Youssra El Hawary — Accordion / Vocals
Shadi El Hosseiny — Piano / Melodica
Sedky Sakhr — Harmonica / Recorder
Yamen El Gamal — Bass Guitar
Carl Capelle — Mandola / Guitar
Mohamed “Mido” Emad — Mandolin/Violin
Khaled Yassin - Drums / percussion

Adham Zidan - Music Producer & Sound Engineer
Youssra & The Band image