Composer, singer-songwriter, sound designer, accordionist, and performer from Cairo, Egypt.
A totally independent artist whose works spans performances, installations, video art, sound design, and research. With experience in acting, graphic design, painting, video editing, photography and filming. Her songs reflect everyday life in Cairo and its vibrant energy.

After graduating from Fine Arts in 2006, Youssra started her artistic career in theater as a vocal performer and actress. In 2011, she launched her own musical project as an accordionist and songwriter. The real turning point was her 2012 single “El Soor” (The Wall), a bold, biting statement about the political situation in Egypt.
In December 2017, she and her band recorded and released their first album No'oum Nasyeen with the support of fans, making it the first crowdfunded album in Egypt.

Youssra also Produced and hosted the weekly radio show "Music Talk قعدة مزيــــكا" on NogoumFM Egypt for two years in 2014-15, and the first quarter of 2021, where she hosted musicians and bands from the indie music scene in Egypt and the Middle East.

In her recent works, Youssra has expanded her skills to include field recording and sound design, working for films, performances, art installations along with her own musical compositions.

للّغة العربية

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