Youssra & The Band
Musical Band

Founder, Singer, songwriter, Accordionist


Since 2010, Youssra has been composing her own songs, a satirical mix of social and political commentary, In the early stages of her career, she would take to the stage only with her accordion, her lively presence and unique musical style soon had her garnering a loyal following.

In a very short time Youssra became one of the strongest, most popular female voices on Egypt’s independent music scene, but the real turning point was her 2012 single “El Soor” (The Wall), a bold, biting statement about the political situation in Egypt.

It was in the same year that Youssra decided to start working with other musicians, and a band was finally formed. Ever since then, the band has been reinventing Youssra’s older songs and creating new music, as well as performing in concerts and festivals both in Egypt and abroad. As a further step in developing her craft, Youssra has spent two years lately studying the accordion in France, and preparing, with the rest of the band, for the release of their first album.

In December 2017, Youssra - along with her band - managed to record and release her first album with the support of her fans, to be the first crowdfunded album in Egypt.

Her songs entwine Alternative Folk, French chanson, indie rock, and jazz to underscore an idiosyncratic artistic world. Performed with playful charisma whether she plays solo or with the band.

Performances & Festivals:

  • 2012 SEP          Hakaya Festival, Amman, Jordan.

  • 2012 FEB          Révolution(s) Festival, La Villette, Paris, France

  • 2012 JUN          Oerol festival, Terschelling,Netherlands

  • 2012 NOV          Fairplay, Brasilia, Brazil

  • 2013 JUN          Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany.

  • 2013 JUN          Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin, Germany.

  • 2013 JUL          Sommarscen Malmö, Sweden.

  • 2013 JUN          Oufoqi Festival, Alexandria, Egypt.

  • 2013-14-15       3alganoob festival, Marsa-Alam, Egypt.

  • 2014 FEB          Mocafest, Dubai, UAE

  • 2014 AUG          Urban voices, Stockholm, Sweden.

  • 2015 JUL          Hayy Festival, Cairo, Egypt.

  • 2016 MAR          Focus Metropolis, Rezé, France

  • 2016 MAY          Beyond Beirut - Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany.

  • 2016 AUG          Voices Of The Revolution project, UK 

          [Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Shambala Festival, Festival No. 6, Hull FreedomFestival]  

  • 2016 OCT          Prince charles, Berlin, Germany

  • 2016 OCT          Acordeões do Mundo Festival, Torres-Vedras, Portugal.

  • 2017 AUG          Hydra world music, Hydra, Greece.

  • 2018 JUN          Hayy Festival, Cairo, Egypt.

  • 2018 APR-MAY       Akkordeonale 10th tour, Germany.

  • 2018 Aug                    kultur-mødet Mors 2018, Denmark

  • 2018 SEP-OCT          Centerstage US tour, USA 

 [Sep 16 The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, Washington, DC |Oct 04 Lincoln Center, New York]

  • 2018 SEP          Globalquerque 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  • 2018 OCT          Django by the sea Festival 2018, Kiettery, ME, USA

  • 2019 APR          Jazz tales festival, Cairo & Alexandria, Egypt.

  • 2019 MAY          Alhambra Genève, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • 2019 JUN          festival l'accordéon plein pot, St-Quentin-la-Poterie, France.

  • 2019 OCT          11th Cairo Jazz Festival, Cairo, Egypt.

  • 2019 NOV           Voice of change Festival, Köln, Germany.

  • 2019 DEC           FeminEast Festival, Uppsala & Stockholm, Sweden.